Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OGG-01028 Formatting error

Extract can be abend if Parameters are not Set correctly.
Extract was abend due to below Error , after searching on Metalink I found that it is considered as DB bug which fixed in
But there is workaround.

2013-09-24 04:08:30  ERROR   OGG-01028  Formatting error on: table name DUMMY.DUMMY_INQ, rowid AADYhHAHVAAJLIcAAA, XID 8.26.543865, 
position (Seqno 7314, RBA 212298768). Error converting timestamp with timezone from Oracle to ASCII format for column DUMMY_UPDATE.

Metalink Suggestion
GoldenGate extract abends: OGG-01028 Formatting error on: table name xxxx.xxxx rowid , XID nnnn.nn.nnnn, position (Seqno n, RBA n). (Doc ID 1558791.1)

Oracle GoldenGate - Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.

This is related to database bug 15947884 (base bug 14053498).

In House WorkAround
--Add SETENV parameter before userid 
--Add SETENV in Extract


  1. I had the same issue. But when I checked the table, It was created recently and trandata was not enabled on the extract side. I add the trandata and started the process normally and the process runs fine.

  2. youre right, i think my table has been drop create recently . When i re enable trandata for the table is running well