Friday, April 26, 2013

Goldengate ArchiveLog delete issue when Extract is registered.

When you register extract on source database using Log retention. It marks scn from that point.

2013-02-07 21:53:51 INFO OGG-01749 Oracle GoldenGate Command Interpreter for Oracle: Successfully registered EXTRACT XCOMTE to start managing log retention at SCN 10855583972257.

After it registered , when you try to delete Archivelog using RMAN you get below errors.

RMAN-08137: WARNING: archived log not deleted, needed for standby or upstream capture process archived log file

This mostly occurs on to, it also happens due to Orphan Logminer sessions.

You may refer below links.
Why is RMAN Not Purging Archive Logs After Backup Since OGG was Configured? [ID 1351352.1]

It is also recommend to apply Patch on database.

Important: To support RMAN log retention on Oracle RAC, you must download and install the database patch that is provided in BUGFIX 11879974, before you add the Extract groups.