Thursday, September 6, 2012

Active Dataguard vs Goldengate.

Few days back i have provided Recommendation on what should use for DR. 

Active Data Guard or Oracle Goldengate. 

Primary Functional Comparison .

Active Data Guard 
  GoldenGate V11.2
Disaster recovery /  Read-only Reporting.
Fine-grain Replication / Object Transformation
User  grant/privileges are same on Target & Source
User access can restricted as per requirement.
Data type support
All data-type supported by Primary
*  (Attached separately)
·      Physical block-to-block copy of whole DB on Target.  (Carried out by Redo logs). 
·      Target will be read only  (Can be Open temporary for read/write)
·      Support Parallel DML on RAC span on Multiple instances.

·      No object-Transformation allowed
·      Support compression.
·      Only Required Table are subject for Replication  (More controlled). (carried out by Trailfiles) 
·      Target will be in read/write all Time.
·      Does Not support Parallel DML on RAC  spawn from Multiple instances
·      Object-Transformation Allowed.
·      Not-support Compression. 
Automatic Outage Gap resolution.
Manual Invention needed for Troubleshoot.
Moderate - Maintenance.
Clustered DB
Only One instance will Perform recovery  on Target.
All instance will perform recovery on Target side.  (Load balance)

Other things to look for . 

·         Do you need Copy of source database or  Set of tables required to be Replicate
·         SLA for lag/latency.
·         Amount of Archive log Generated / day by database  ( Per Instance for RAC )
·         Is source & target are in different Time-zone.
·         No of tables with LOB/CLOB data to be replicate.
·         Network bandwidth.

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