Saturday, May 22, 2010

Upgradge 10g RAC upto 10204 | applying patch on 10g RAC

we will upgrade 10201 to 10204 in two phase for RAC.

first we will upgrade CRS clusterware.
second we will upgrade db sofware.

if you get
cant display 0.0 error
the easiest method is
xhost + from root user

then check xclock from oracle user.

run the ./runinstaller from DISK1 of patch

first we will just upgrade clusterware...
so specify clusterware home and path.

specify all nodes , choose cluster installation..

check below pre-requisite for any major errors

follow the instruction at end of installation

you must watch successfully applied word at the end of running

After running on clusterware

lets query version of CRS has been upgrade to 10204 or not ??

crsctl query css activeversion
crs active version on the cluster is []

before we start upgrade our db software please make sure listener is shutdown
cs_stat -t has to be look like this one

select HOME name and path.

run by root user

Note: change database parameter cluster_database = false

open instance in upgrade mode and run catupg.sql

after that
NOTE: change database parameter cluster_database = true

startup database

select * from v$version;